Birth Of The BATBANGER™ Power Station

The BATBANGER™ Portable Power Station grew out of the early hitting stations Hondo Wilkes, “The State of Florida’s ‘Winningest’ Coach” made from old tires tied to 4x4 posts set in concrete. He used those stations to strengthen his player’s hands and arms and teach them how to put the core leg, torso and shoulder muscles, behind the ball.

"Never just practice until you get it right...
...practice until you NEVER get it wrong!"
- Coach Hondo

Those hitting stations produced great results, but today’s players and coaches need training aids that are portable, easy to set up, and easy to take down. That’s why we created the BATBANGER™ Power Station, the unique batting specific resistance trainer that goes anywhere and build power – in-season, off-season, on the field or at home.